All of these prices are starting prices and can vary based on size, condition of coat, behavior, and if there is any non-breed specific add ons. Baths include nails, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Grooming includes everything in the bath and  a full hair cut. Dematting and full coats will be charged extra and will be determined by the groomers. Severe matting will have to be assessed and priced by the groomer at the time of the appointment

Tea Cup

Bath : $35+

Groom: $60+

Small Breeds

Bath: $40+

Groom: $65+

Medium Breeds

Bath: $45+

Groom: $75+

Large Breeds

Bath: $60+

Groom: $95+

Ex Large Breeds

Bath: $70+

Groom: $110+


Mini: B: $45+ G: $70+

Medium: B: $50+ G: $80+

Standard: B: $60+ G: $120+

Ex Large: B: 75+ G: $150+


Bath: $60+

Lion Clip: $120+

Lion Clip no bath: $90+

 A La Carte

Nails: Small: $12+ Large: $15+

Nail Painting: $20

Anal Glands: $15

Ear Cleaning: $5

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